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Super Name Labels Pack

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This super namelabels pack is a bumper sized pack of name labels for kids stuff.

Use these personalised kids name labels and stickers for labelling lunch boxes, drinks containers, sports equipment, shoes and much more. Large, medium and small personalised name labels for children are available in many colours of vinyl with white text.

These personalised kids name labels are bright, easy to read and are dishwasher and microwave safe. Our name labels stick to almost any clean, smooth, hard surface. Our high quality iron on clothing name labels can be applied within seconds to school uniforms.

They are easy to apply, feel soft against the skin and they won’t come off in the washing machine or tumble drier.  Iron on name labels for kids clothes are white with a choice of colours for the text.

Also included in this super name label pack are personalised shoe name labels and personalised bag name tags for your child’s school shoes and school bag

This pack contains:

• 42 large name labels

• 40 medium name labels

• 75 iron on Clothing Labels

• 24 personalised shoe name labels

• 70 small name labels

• 2 bag name tags

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