Q: What can I label?

A: Brilliant Labels has a range of labels for property & clothing. With a choice of size, colour, font & image there should be one for almost everything that leaves the house! Examples include: Lunch boxes, water bottles, flasks, uniforms, for school or sports clubs, baby bottles, bowls, utensils shoes, sandals, wellies, footwear for various sports, mobile phones, iPods, games consoles, books, stationary, calculators, Camping / travelling kit, toiletries, medication, toys, sports equipment, musical Instruments, Bags

Q: How to iron-on clothing labels

A: Peel the label from the backing sheet. Place the label on the clothing then cover the label with the supplied non-stick baking paper. With the iron on (cotton) hot and dry (no steam), press down for approximately 8 seconds. Allow the paper to cool before removing it from the label & clothing. Standard kitchen non-stick baking paper can be used if you misplace the piece supplied. Please refer to the care labels on your items of clothing. Do not iron labels onto fabrics which should otherwise not be ironed.

Q. Can I remove iron-on clothing labels?

A: No, Iron-on clothing labels are not designed to be removed. The vinyl they are made of adheres to fabric when heated and partially melts into it. If you would like to pass clothes on, we recommend simply covering the label with another label. If you do need to attempt to remove an iron-on label from clothing, you may try the following: place the non-stick paper over the label then reheat it with the iron set to warm and dry (no steam). While it is warm pull the non-stick paper off and carefully pull the label off using tweezers. Please note, labels can get very hot so take care and do not touch them.

Q: Can standard vinyl labels be used in shoes?

A: Name labels stick well to shoes, but a clear cover is necessary to protect the text. Our packs of shoe labels come with clear covers.

Q: Can packs be split into 2 names?

A: No, only one name per pack is possible. However, you may use just a surname or an initial and surname if you prefer.

Q: May I have more than 1 picture or font choice per pack?

A: No, the labels are produced as a set so will be made with just one picture, colour & font choice. We have included some smaller pack sizes in our range of products to help accommodate this.

Q: How many characters fit onto the labels?

A: The maximum is 30 characters per line.

Q: When will I receive my order?

A: We offer a great fast service with all items despatched within 5 working days. You will receive a confirmation e-mail when your items have been sent. All orders are posted 1st class via Royal Mail.

Q: What are the delivery charges?

A: Delivery is £1.49 within the UK for all items. Delivery outside the UK is charged at £3 per order.

Q: Can you produce different colours or sizes of labels?

A: If you have a request that is not shown on the website please contact us via e-mail and we will be pleased to try to help.

Q: My sticky property labels aren’t sticking, why?

A: Some materials are not suited to have labels stuck to them. Please ensure the surface you are trying to stick the labels to is clean, dry, smooth and hard. Some materials are non-stick, literally – meaning labels struggle to stay on very well.

Q: I have a question not mentioned here…

A: E-mail us via the link on the website and we will be pleased to try and help with any further questions.